Interested in service?

If you are interested in having fiber optics brought to your home or business please fill out the form below. This helps us determine which roads to bring fiber down.

Check out our fiber map page! If your home or business is on our map we will reach out to schedule an installation. Installations will be done on weekends. Initially, Cribstone Communications will only be serving portion of Orr’s and Bailey Islands.

The more interest shown in a particular road, the more likely we are to come down it with fiber. Make sure you talk to your neighbors and have them express interest too!

Note: Service is subject to availability. Service interruptions may occur due to weather, man-made disasters, insurrection, rioting, criminal action, damage, vandalism and terrorism. Cribstone Communications, LLC. makes the best effort to provide reliable service, despite this service interruptions may occur. Speeds may vary due to unforeseen circumstances and unusual internet and network traffic patterns. One time $150.00 fee and $50.00 equipment deposit is assessed at the installation time, unless waived. Optical network unit, fiber optic cabling, connectors and demarcation box remain property of Cribstone Communications, LLC. "/mo" refers to monthly service charge.