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Cable Television has a way of quickly eating up your monthly budget! In order to keep our fiber optic services as affordable as possible, we do not directly provide Cable TV services. But not all hope is lost for the avid TV-watcher — with Cribstone Communications you can leverage your high-speed fiber optic internet connection to stream your favorite shows and now even watch live TV! Learn more below about the different type of streaming services that are available:


These types of services allow you to stream your favorite shows, movies and exclusives. Some examples are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Peacock and Disney+.

streaming + live tv

A spin on a streaming service this type allows you to watch live television in addition to streaming. Some examples are Hulu + LiveTV and YouTube TV.

live tv

If you are interested in only watching live television there are options for that as well. Some examples are Sling TV, AT&T TV and Fubo TV.